About Jon Payne

Jon Payne’s Journey with music started long ago. Like many kids, Jon Payne grew up with a love of music and wanted to be a singer when he grew up. When he got to 6th grade he had to pick one elective and for him it was a choice between Band and Choir. He figured he could sing anytime at home. However, he realized that his single mother would never be able to afford to buy him a personal instrument. So he decided he would practice singing on his own and join his middle school band and play on the schools instruments. Little did he know that decision would pay off many years down the road.

His sixth grade band teacher Mr. Pollock saw a talent in young Jon Payne and decided to try him out on one of the hardest classical instruments to master. Like with many things in his life Jon Payne had an intrinsic desire to master this challenge. God had blessed him with a musical talent that he didn’t fully understand yet and by the time he went to high school he was one of the best Oboe players in the city.

In his sophomore year, he moved with his family and started attending a school that required him to learn percussion during marching band season since the Oboe was not a marching instrument.  Once he entered into the world of percussion and Drumline he was hooked. In just 3 short years he rose through the ranks at his high school to become the Center Snare (Nick Cannon Style) of one of the best marching bands in Texas. In order to accomplish this he had to beat out drummers who had been playing more than twice as many years as him. The Center Snare was a position that took the most skill and required leadership of the drum line on and off of the field. At this time of life music for Jon Payne was both intoxicating and enjoyable and he loved playing and performing.

Playing the Oboe would eventually lead him to receive a music Scholarship to St. Mary’s University to play with their touring concert band. It was in this setting that Jon Payne fell in love with Hip Hop music. Though he loved making beautiful melodies through classical music and was even recruited by the San Antonio Symphony to play the oboe professionally, his heart was captured by hip-hop. He then found he had a talent for rapping as well as making beats. So naturally he pursued a rap career and was getting some buzz around his city. It was during this time when a major life event happened that would change the course of his musical career. God came into his life and showed him that the path he was on would only lead to destruction and that fame and fortune would not lead to true happiness.

It was then that Jon Payne decided that he would only use his talents in ways that would please God. He got signed to a Christian Hip Hop Label and it was there that he started working on beat making along with continuing his rap career. During this season God blessed him with a wife and a beautiful daughter and he knew in his heart he needed to put his music career on hold and get some stability for his new family.  Before he started pursuing a career in music, He decided to become a School Teacher and has been doing that ever since.